The Draft Order is Set, And We Already Have a Trade

The 2020, 12 Pissed off Guys Fantasy Football league draft order is set! It was released in July, and since that time, there has already been a trade! We will go more into detail about that trade later on in this piece. Until then, please join us on this pissed off journey of ours, while we go through the draft order!

2020 Draft Order

1. Mikey R (R)

Last season, R finished (9-7) overall, but failed to reach the playoffs. The only reason he was able to acquire the number one overall pick was because he won the loser’s bracket. But with that being said, R decided to make a splash and made the decision to trade the number one overall pick.

Here are the trade details.

Lucas aka “100 T Keeke will be selecting the 1st overall pick. Lucas finished last season (6-10) and looks to rebound in a big way. And if he does his due diligence and picks Christian McCaffrey or Saquon Barkley, Lucas could have his best season yet.

ADP 1.1 – Christian McCaffrey

2. Steven Starcher (Fat Thor)

The 1x time champ had a rough time in last year’s league. And he found himself in the losers bracket. He finished up with a record of (6-10). Although he did have a chance to win the losers bracket last season against R, things did not pan out that way in the end. So, he will be selecting second this season! And he has even come out and said that he is going to pick Saquon Barkley with that second pick. But still, there is no telling with this fucking guy!

ADP 1.2 – Saquon Barkley

3. Brandon Acosta (The Original Hybrid)

The man that started (5-2) at the beginning of the season and talked all the shit in the world, managed to lose the last six games of the year. Which led to him being silent and to finish (6-10). After all his shit talk about becoming the new champ and doing this and that, Brandon curled up in a ball and did not come out of it. He still hasn’t till this day. The question now is, who will he select third overall? Will it be Ezekiel Elliot, Michael Thomas, or Alvin Kamara?

ADP 1.3 – Michael Thomas

4. Lucas (100 T Keeke)

As I said earlier in the piece, R decided to trade his #1 overall pick to Lucas. So, R now will be picking 4th overall. Now I have no clue what was going through R’s mind when he decided to pull the trigger on this mind-boggling trade. When it comes to R, he likes to make a splash to get everyone’s attention, and, well, he sure did that. If I were to guess to who he will select 4th overall, well I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE!!

ADP 1.4 – Ezekiel Elliott

5. 6th Grade Cris

6th Grade Cris finished (7-9) last season and landed him with the 5th spot in this year’s draft. I really can’t say much about Cris, he did not appear on a single podcast last year. If he fails to appear on a podcast again this season, he will be kicked out of the league for good. 12 POG has put in many new rules, and one of them is that you MUST appear on at least one podcast. So, consider this his only warning.

ADP 1.5 – Derrick Henry

6. Carne (Unsolicited Dak Pics)

The newest member to the league was granted with the 6th pick in this year’s draft! He comes from multiple leagues, but is very familiar with everyone in 12 POG. And with that being said, he looks to talk his shit and pour up while he tries to reach his first 12 Pissed off Guys postseason!

ADP 1.6 – Alvin Kamara

Be sure to listen to season 3 of the podcast coming in late August

The Real Host is Back 12 Pissed off Guys

We would like to apologize for this episodes technical difficulties. We did not intend for the episode to be put in order the way it is. The first segment is in the right place, but the second and third ones are not. After trying to correct this issue multiple times, we came to the conclusion to just post the content we recorded. We are very sorry, and we are also very pissed.   
  1. The Real Host is Back
  2. New Host?
  3. Week 3 Is Heating Up
  4. Sizzling Plate of Carne is up

7. Joey Castillo

He rose last season and made it all the way to the semi-finals, but failed to get the job done. Despite the finish, the little man managed to bounce back from a horrible first year in the league to reaching the post-season! Can he maybe make a run at the title this year? Many league members thought year two was a fluke but Joey is thinking otherwise. He’s thinking WHY THE FUCK NOT ME!!

ADP 1.7 – Dalvin Cook

8. Kam Bass (Dream Chasers)

Last season, Kam came into the league cocky as fuck. After his year one loss in the championship game, Kam managed to not even reach the playoffs in year two. It’s not like he sucked the whole season, I mean he did only miss the playoffs by just one game. But will he reach the post-season this year? Was year one just a fluke? Yes or no? Maybe, only time will tell.

ADP 1.8 – Devante Adams

9. Mickie Erwin (The Hometown Heroes)

The Hero himself, bounced back last season by reaching the semi-finals and finishing with a record of (9-7). Mickie, who is a great guy, had a rough first go-round in year one. But, last season, he had a great run. Can he replicate what he did last year? Let’s sit back and crack open a cold one and wait and see.

ADP 1.9 – Tyreek Hill

10. Blaine Daniels

The man who auto-drafted his team last season, the man who went into the playoffs at (8-5), the man who lost in the first round. His name is Blaine Daniels. Last season he surprised a lot of league members, but in the end, he would end up losing in the first round. This season though, with the 10th pick, he should start off the draft pretty strong.

ADP 1.10 – Joe Mixon

11. Mikey G (Bronco Buster Bitches)

The 11th pick honestly is a rough spot to be in. But the Checks over Stripes team has been retired, for now at least. The new team name will be “The Bronco Buster Bitches” and this is giving the owner of this team some confidence about drafting 11th overall. Last season the Checks over Stripes club reached the championship but lost to “The Dude” by not 1 point, but by 0.94. The loss was taken very hard by Mikey and made him think about hanging up the mock draft sheets and all the magazines he’s bought over the years. Make no mistake though, G will be ready to make another run at the 12 POG title.

ADP 1.11 – Nick Chubb

12. Gilbert Deleon (The Dude) (The Commish)

The Champ is here, the 3x time champ is finally here. The Dude started (1-4) last season and many members counted him out after his week 5 loss. But that was not the case. He would end up going (7-1) over the next 8 weeks. He would then enter the postseason with a first-round bye, and from that point on, it was over. He would become the Champ and the new Commish of 12 POG. And by having the 12th spot, this suits him well. He will be able to snag a tier 2 RB and maybe a tier 1 WR. I would not be surprised to see The Dude back in the championship.

ADP 1.12 – Julio Jones

The Draft will take place on September 5th.

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