Toon Breaks His Silence

The Host. The Face. The Man. When he walks in the room everyone knows WHAT THE FUCK IS UP! When he speaks, the room goes quiet. Take notes when he opens his mouth. He brings an elite entertainment aspect that can only be described as “Brilliant“.

Toon is nothing short of Brilliant

US Magazine
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There’s no way he doesn’t take this organization to the big time!

Us Weekly

No way this guy is real, we want to be him!

Men’s Health
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He tried to French kiss me at last years Christmas party.

Martha Stewart

Ignore that last quote. Actually don’t. Respect it.

Each season he looks to bring the energy like no other. Whether it’s high, energetic, and in your DAMN FACE or slow, calm, and awkwardly inside your ear where you are super uncomfortable. No one in this league is safe from him. He believes in equality. And everyone that crosses him will get that sweet back porch painted red by him.

Toon will be bringing his all every episode to make sure the listener is getting it all. He’s going to put it all over you. Stay prepared. Stay ready. Stay pissed.

Bio Blast

What comes fun to me is hanging with the boys, throwing down cold ones, hitting piss missiles on the driving range, oh and getting everyone in my sight pissed off! That’s right, I like to manipulate people. I like to stir that sweet pot of triggering hairline angers and watch the world burn.

12 POG Fun house

I do it for you. I love you. I’ll kiss you. You’re thinking manipulation is wrong, there’s no knowledgeable reason to do that. Well you may think knowledge is power. LOL, hell no, power is power. I have the power to do what I want on this podcast. Kiss me. You just kissed me. See what I’m saying now? That’s what’s fun. Don’t tell my mom I said any of this please.

3 Things I love

I love cold weather, family, and winning. Put all three together and I’ve got a hard on stronger than the bond between Will Smith, Jada and the dude (August Alsina) she’s slapping skin with.

Am I hard around my family? Of course not, you sicko! What I’m saying is when the things I love come around me then I’m on top of the world!

However winning gives me something a little bit sweeter than the other two. Family will give me a sense of warmth and a smile. Cold weather will give me relief from hot, blistering weather, shriveled nuts and hard nips. But damnit, winning sends me to the next dimension.

Toons always saying crazy shit

I see sounds and hear colors when I win. My third eye opens up. Winning gives you bragging rights. But it’s about “having fun” BULLSHIT!! It’s about being better that the other guy! Winning means you’re the alpha! The dominant one! 12 POG WINS! Every episode we win!

These 12 POG league members will understand that each game you have to win! You gotta want it more than getting that itch on the bottom of your sack! You have to take it! I love winning. I love 12 POG.

Why Should People Fuck With 12 POG?

Why? Lol you serious? Why should we eat, sleep, and bone? Because it’s necessary for life. It’s necessary to live.

Go to any doctor and they’ll tell you the cure to all of your problems is getting some 12 POG in. They’ll write you a prescription for Toon. You’ll pick that prescription up at any podcast streaming platform. 12 POG is gonna be the next trend that will make people jealous they didn’t think.

12 POG The Podcast

We are a reality show. People love drama. We bring drama. People love knowledge. We bring drama. People love ass. We have plenty of that. We bring everything to the table. If you don’t want them, GET THE FUCK out the house. We are the next big thing. Jump on the wagon before it leaves without you.

What Pisses You Off The Most?

What pisses me off is when people don’t try. You don’t wanna try? You don’t wanna try for the championship? Wanna stay a loser too? You still wear your letterman around town too, badass?

Ask any of these league members if they wanna win the ship, they’ll give you a stupid face for a stupid question. They’re locked in. Do they care for the money? Ehh. Do they care for the ring? Meh maybe. Do they care for the entire year of bragging rights saying I’m better than you and you couldn’t do it this year? Absolutely, you stupid whore. You ain’t gonna get there by not trying. Stay pissed.”

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NFL Kickoff

Toon is HARD

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