The Interview Series: Bronco Busters

First things first, how are you doing?

I’m pretty good, just trying to get 12 POG the brand to the next level.


This is true. Season 3 is going to be the best yet, and if you do not care about this league or the brand, well, you can fuck off.


Are you ready for season 3 for 12 POG?

Of course I’m ready, but I have to add that I haven’t been really preparing the way I usually have been for the past 2 years.

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The Real Host is Back 12 Pissed off Guys

We would like to apologize for this episodes technical difficulties. We did not intend for the episode to be put in order the way it is. The first segment is in the right place, but the second and third ones are not. After trying to correct this issue multiple times, we came to the conclusion to just post the content we recorded. We are very sorry, and we are also very pissed.   
  1. The Real Host is Back
  2. New Host?
  3. Week 3 Is Heating Up
  4. Sizzling Plate of Carne is up

Who’s the one guy that you absolutely need to beat this season?

Oh that’s R! I need to beat his ass. We are suppose to box sometime in September but nothing is official as of now.

Who’s the biggest bitch in the league?

That would have to be R! He loves to run that mouth of his. And where has that gotten him? It’s gotten him to the second round of the playoffs in year 1 and a 1st place finish in the losers bracket last year. He can’t talk, when he hasn’t done shit!!

Who’s making the playoffs?

Me, Gil, Stavi, Sid, Mick, Lucas

Lastly, you got any shit to talk?

Yea, look, I’m here. I’m always going to be here. And as the C.E.O. Of 12 POG, I still have the power to do what the fuck I want. Let that sink in. To all the league members, y’all can try and win this league, but in the end, it will be me on top with my new ice on my finger. Fuck y’all.


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