The Interview Series: Fat Thor

First things first, how are you doing?

I’m doing well and pissed because I want football to start already.


Are you ready for season 3 of 12 POG?

Yes, I am ready to have fun and own the competition ahead ahead of me.

What a virgin response … lol, this dude was the commish last year? lol, the only thing he is going to own this year are L’S!

Be sure to check out an all new podcast dropping on September 5th

Week 3 Is Heating Up 12 Pissed off Guys

The guys dive in and talk about everything that happened in week 2 around the league! They also talk about the up and coming Chiefs and Ravens Monday night showdown! So go ahead and give us a listen! And do not forget, we also talk all that shit!  #staypissed 
  1. Week 3 Is Heating Up
  2. Sizzling Plate of Carne is up
  4. Season 3 IS HERE
  5. The Virus EP, and Football Talk

Who’s the one guy that you absolutely need to beat this season?

R, because he’s a smelly whore mouth

That is a very true statement about R, he is a smelly bitch.

Who’s the biggest bitch?

Easy answer, Lucas aka Big Bitch

Who’s making the playoffs?

Me, that’s all you need to know

Lastly, you got any shit to talk?

I’ll be ready to talk shit September 27th. Thanks. Bye.


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