The Interview Series: Gronkykongs

First things first, how are you doing?

I’m doing good with just the right amount of pissed.


Are you ready for season 3 of 12 POG?

I’ve been ready since Reagan was in office.

Shit, this dude been ready for a long ass time. Everyone should be on notice.

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Week 3 Is Heating Up 12 Pissed off Guys

The guys dive in and talk about everything that happened in week 2 around the league! They also talk about the up and coming Chiefs and Ravens Monday night showdown! So go ahead and give us a listen! And do not forget, we also talk all that shit!  #staypissed 
  1. Week 3 Is Heating Up
  2. Sizzling Plate of Carne is up
  4. Season 3 IS HERE
  5. The Virus EP, and Football Talk

Who’s the one guy that you absolutely need to beat this season?

The one person I absolutely have to beat this year is Gilbert, because I always have it out for every commissioner I play.

Who’s the biggest bitch in the league?

Biggest bitch in the league has got to be Mick, no CAP!

Who’s making the playoffs?

I’m making playoffs , R, Blaine, Gilbert, G , Lucas

Lastly, you got any shit to talk?

No shit talk, I am just about that action boss!

As the newest league member, Sid sure does have a lot of confidence. Will he back up all his upcoming shit talk battles, or will he fold like a fucking taco? Tune in, and listen, and read everything 12 POG!


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