1st Round Draft Picks Review

After the 3rd annual 12 POG Fantasy draft took place, all the league members sat back and took a deep breath. After that, all hell broke loose. The draft was all over the place, to say the least.

Here are the results to the first round of this year’s draft!

1. 100T keeke

Lucas aka 100T keeke was granted the #1 pick and decided to select arguably the best RB in the game, which is Christian McCaffrey. Smart move, smart move.

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2. Fat Thor

Starcher aka Fat Thor selected the main man in the Big Apple. His name is Saquon Barkley. Look for him to have a bounce back season!

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3. U Will Call Me Daddy

The man that started out strong last season, started out strong in the draft by selecting Ezekiel Elliott. The Dallas Cowboy RB is primed to have yet another big time season. But will Brandon bounce back?

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4. Lamar Mafia

The consolation bracket champ made a trade before the draft happened, which is why he ended up with the 4th pick. Anyways, he went ahead and selected Alvin Kamara. Which he then traded him to the Bronco Busters for Lamar Jackson. Everyone was shocked. This move might be the difference maker when it is all set and done.

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5. 6th Grade Cris

Mr. HEB selected Dalvin Cook with the 5th pick. Not a surprising pick, but some people are saying he should of selected Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Will Dalvin have a drop off year? Or will he be even better?

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6. The Gronkykongs

The newest member of 12 POG had one of the worst drafts. But he chose a very dependable Michael Thomas. Which is a good pick. The rest of the draft though, well, you will need to just check the rest of his roster out. Oh, and he also just traded DeAndre Hopkins.

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7. The Playboyz

This guy was at the Frio River during the draft. He auto drafted Davante Adams and the rest is history.

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Here is a pic of Joey during the draft ….

Joey, asleep during the draft

8. The Dream Chasers

Kam had one of the best drafts this year! And he started it off by selecting Derrick Henry! He wasn’t done there, he would go on to select Patrick Mahomes in the second! This team is scary!

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9. The Hometown Hero

The richest man in the league decided to roll with Joe Mixon in the first round. Everyone was surprised by the strange pick, but if Mick sees something in Mixon, then he must see something we don’t.

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10. Steven Shartchers

Blaine Daniels is on the hype train! He selected rookie RB, Clyde Edwards-Helaire of the Kansas City Chiefs! Many analysts out there are raving about CEH! This might have been the best pick in the draft! I wouldn’t be surprised if Blaine ended up as the 2020 champ!

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11. Bronco Busters

The man who lost by 0.5 in the 2019 championship game selected Lamar Jackson! But as said earlier in the piece, Lamar would be traded to Lamar Mafia for Alvin Kamara. G got his boy, and R got his boy.

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Fun fact = G has had Alvin Kamara on his team since he was a rookie.

12. The Dude (Commish)

The defending champ started his draft by selecting Julio Jones! He followed up that pick by selecting Travis Kelce in the second round. The Champ is still here. Don’t forget that.

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