Week 1 Review

Week one is in the books and I can not believe we actually had NFL Football! I only say that because COVID-19 is still here and the season was hanging in the balance back in June. The NFL did what it had to do and produced a much anticipated 1st Sunday of Football.

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With that being said, week one was nothing short of great! It felt good to wake up on Sunday knowing that Tom Brady would lose to the Saints and that Cam Newton would rush for 75 yards, which is the most yards rushed by a Patriot quarterback since the 1977 season. Other than that, the 12 POG league had many surprising outcomes and had many expected results.

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Let’s get into the week one results!

Bronco Busters 128.66 VS 6th Grade Cris 136.76

Mr. HEB denies Mikey G and the Busters from entering his store. Cris takes week one by 8.”

6th Grade Cris, who missed the playoffs last season, has gotten off to a (1-0) start! His top scorer on Sunday was Calvin Ridley of the Atlanta Falcons. He led the way with 34.90 points. Ridley hauled in 9 passes for 130 yards and 2 TD.

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On the other hand, the Bronco Busters came up short. The (0-1) start is nothing new, last season, the Busters reached the league championship and started (1-3) so the Busters are not phased by this week one loss.

The Bronco Busters leading scorer was Josh Jacobs, he led the way with 36.40 points (He was the RB leader for points in week 1) Darius Slayton also scored 30.70 points. But he was on the Busters bench for week one. Bad sit on the Busters part.

Episode #4 drops Thursday night!

Week 3 Is Heating Up 12 Pissed off Guys

The guys dive in and talk about everything that happened in week 2 around the league! They also talk about the up and coming Chiefs and Ravens Monday night showdown! So go ahead and give us a listen! And do not forget, we also talk all that shit!  #staypissed 
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  5. The Virus EP, and Football Talk

The Dude 145.10 VS 100T Keeke 132.10 (Grandmas Boy Matchup)

“The Commish takes down his baby back bitch cousin, and takes the top spot in the Grandma rankings.”

In the 3rd annual Grandma boy matchup, The Dude would come out victorious! He won by 13 but it seemed as if he had destroyed his baby cousin. The Dude’s leading players were Raheem Mostert who had 26.60 points, and Julio Jones who had 26.20. Mostert rushed for 56 yards while catching 5 targets for 95 yards and a touchdown. Julio caught 9 targets for 157 yards.

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100T Keeke, who had the number one pick in this year’s draft, lost. He ran his mouth the whole week just to lose. Anyways, his week one leader was Christian McCaffrey who had a quiet 28.90 points. He rushed for 96 yards and added two touchdowns.

Fat Thor 101.64 VS U Will Call Me Daddy 124.28

“Fat Thor is still calling Brandon his daddy after that beatdown. Fat Thor will continue to have daddy issues if he doesn’t get his act together.”

After a trade that was completed between Fat Thor and the Gronkykongs, everyone in the league was saying that Fat Thor was going to run away with it. But Daddyslays had something else in mind. Slays would go on to defeat the best team on paper by 23 points. Ezekiel Elliot would lead the way with 28.20 points. He rushed for 96 yards and a touchdown, he also caught a touchdown pass.

For the Fat Thor’s, well let’s just say this was a bad week. His team will be fine. The former Champ will figure out what to do. He just didn’t get the production from his RB 1 and 2. But he did get 30 points from DeAndre Hopkins who caught a career high 14 passes for 151 yards.

The Dream Chasers 106.74 VS Lamar Mafia 109.20

“The Mafia shatters the dreams of Kam and kills him and his team softly.”

Lamar Jackson was the driving force for the week one victory over the Dream Chasers. Jackson had 27 points on Sunday, he passed for 275 yards and tossed 3 touchdowns. And for the Chasers, well many people from around the league were calling for the Chasers to take this matchup. He had Patrick Mahomes who had an easy 20 points on Thursday night, but it did not come down to that. It came down to Derrick Henry. Henry would end up scoring 17.60 and would fall short of bringing back the Chasers. The Mafia would survive to win by 3 points.

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Notable injuries for Lamar Mafia – George Kittle (Knee sprain) Le’Veon Bell (Hamstring)

Hometown Heroes 115.12 VS Gronkykongs 89.28

“Mick and the Heroes proved why Sid and the Gronkykongs are the worst team in the league by far.”

The Heroes had a great first week, he waxed sid and made him his bitch! His leading scorer was Adam Thielen who had 32 points. The wide-out hauled in 6 targets for 110 yards and snagged in 2 touchdowns.

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The Gronkykongs had the worst Sunday out of everyone in the league. From the draft to the first Sunday of NFL football, Sid has been making nothing but dumb moves. And look at what the outcome was? I feel bad for Russell Wilson because he does not deserve to be on the worst team in the league.

Wilson scored 32.28 points on Sunday. He threw for 322 yards and added 4 touchdown passes.

The Steven Shartchers 143.30 VS The Playboyz 163.60

“Joey was drunk on draft night but proved to the league that him being drunk was the way to go. If being drunk gets you the victory in week 1 and you drop 163 points, well I guess the league will follow the trend.”

Joey and the Playboyz had a monster week one! After his season one shenanigan’s, he has been a contender! Last season he reached the final four but came up short. And now he get’s drunk on draft night and produces a week one masterpiece! Can Joey win it all, or am I just overreacting? Either way, Joey and the Playboyz are contenders.

Drunk boy is #1 in the league

The Playboyz leading scorer was Davante Adams. He scored 43.10. He was the week one leader in fantasy points.

The Steven Shartchers had a big-time week but it was not enough to get passed the Playboyz. His leading scorer was Kyler Murray who scored 27.80 points.


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