Week 2 Review and Power Rankings

With week 2 in the books, there are many star-studded players that are now out. With an injury plagued Sunday, many teams in the league were hit in a big way.

This past Sunday, the NFL accumulated a total of 7 torn ACLs. And the league had a total of 40 injuries that resulted in those players not coming back to action. These players are crucial parts to their organization, and to their Fantasy clubs. But that is not what matters right now, what matters is getting these players healthy! Their health is the first priority.

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But when it comes to 12 POG, well, we have two teams that are still perfect, and two teams that are still looking for a win. Here is the week 2 review!

Bronco Busters 177.96 VS Gronkykongs 114.12

Busters buck the Kong’s all the way to dead last in the league.”

This was the blowout of the week! The Busters would go on to score the most points in week two! And the Gronkykongs would lose yet again.

#3 Bronco Busters (1-1), #12 Gronkykongs (0-2)

Fantasy leaders – A. Kamara (38.40), R. Wilson (33.92)

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The Dude 111.38 VS Dream Chasers 135.18

The Commish had a dream about winning on Sunday, but that was not the case. Instead he would go on to lose to the Dream Chasers.”

The Dude was on a high for the week! After beating his baby cousin, he had all the confidence in the world. But The Dream Chasers stole that this weekend. Don’t get it twisted though, both teams are contenders and will be in the mix come December.

#6 The Dude (1-1), #8 Dream Chasers (1-1)

Fantasy leaders – T. Kelce (24), P. Mahomes (30.48)

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100T Keeke 122.36 VS Lamar Mafia 80.66

“After all the talking, 100T shut up Lamar Mafia in route to a week 2 victory.”

Although 100T Keeke captured the victory on Sunday, he may have lost the season at the same time. His star RB, Christian McCaffrey was injured in his game against the Bucs. He is expected to be out for 4-6 weeks. Who knows what will happen.

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Now, the Mafia had a horrible week, and it was all because of injuries. Both teams are now (1-1) and hobbled.

#7 100T Keeke (1-1), #10 Lamar Mafia (1-1)

Fantasy leaders- C. McCaffrey (24.80), J. Edelman (27.40)

The Real Host is Back 12 Pissed off Guys

We would like to apologize for this episodes technical difficulties. We did not intend for the episode to be put in order the way it is. The first segment is in the right place, but the second and third ones are not. After trying to correct this issue multiple times, we came to the conclusion to just post the content we recorded. We are very sorry, and we are also very pissed.   
  1. The Real Host is Back
  2. New Host?
  3. Week 3 Is Heating Up
  4. Sizzling Plate of Carne is up

Sad Barkley 134.50 VS The Steven Shartchers 158.54

Steven and the sad Barkley’s lose to the team that he is named after.”

This was a blowout! But the biggest loss here is the loss of Saquon Barkley. The Sad Barkley’s lost him for the season, due to a torn ACL. This is a big blow not only for the Sad Barkley’s but for the league.

But in other news, the Shartchers shattedon the Barkley’s this week!

#11 Sad Barkley’s (0-2), #4 The Steven Shartchers (1-1)

Fantasy leaders- D. Prescott (42.80), K. Murray (34.64)

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The Hometown Heroes 114.90 VS 6th Grade Cris 120.88

The Battle of HEB! Cris, the manager, beats the Engineer of all the Houston HEBs. Therefore, Cris is better.”

This was one was a nail biter. Cris managed to get his second win of the year. Mick, on the other hand, left a lot of points on the bench. But most of the league did that.

#9 Hometown Heroes (1-1), #2 6th Grade Cris (2-0)

Fantasy leaders- T. Hill (23.30), C. Ridley (30.90)

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The Playboyz 115.82 VS U Will Call Me Daddy 152.68n

Joey is calling Brandon his daddy for the week.”

After the week one victory for the Playboyz, he was still getting drunk, but this time that didn’t work. He got drunk and woke up to see that he had a new daddy.

#5 The Playbozy (1-1), #1 Daddy slays (2-0)

Fantasy leaders- M. Ryan (30.02), A. Jones (48.10)

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