Box Breaks

This year, 12 Pissed off guys presents you, Box Breaks! League members Michael Rodriguez and Gilbert Deleon (Commish) are the card gurus, and wanted to make the hobby apart of 12 POG the brand! So, here we are, presenting you one of the many new things here at 12 POG!

What Boxes Do We Break?

NFL/NBA Select

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NFL Chronicles

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Court Kings

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NBA Mosaic

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NFL/NBA Obsidian

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Future Breaks will be posted here and if you want to join in on one, visit our Instagram page!

What Kind of Box Breaks Do We Run?

This is a cheap way of scoring some big name cards you may be on the hunt for, or they simply hold the most value. There are a few ways you can get into a box break:

PYT (Pick your own team)

Pick your team (pyt), you pick one or more teams for the given box. Whatever cards pulled from that box that belong to that team, are yours. Here’s the catch, some teams are worth more than others. Teams with big name rookies, especially quarterbacks cost way more money than those who don’t have big name rookies. For example: Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, and Dwayne Haskins’ teams would be worth more because naturally their cards are worth more as rookies. Versus a team like the Jets or the Texans who don’t have top rookies, they are cheaper.

Random Teams

Random team, you put an adjusted amount and you’re guaranteed one team. Here’s the catch, you can pay less for a random team and get a team with more such as the cardinals or giants. BUT, you can also spend more money and get stuck with a cheaper team than you paid for such as the Panthers or Texans to name a few.

Hit Draft

Hit draft, these are typically done on boxes with a small amount of cards inside, you can spend a lot of money and get a terrible card. You and typical 5-10 other people get randomized. Top spot being the best, having the opportunity to get first pick out of all the cards in the box, last pick getting the last card (typically the worst one).

Snake Draft

Snake draft, just like a fantasy football draft. You pay an adjusted amount with other people. For example: if we are doing a snake draft with football, there can either be 4 spots = 4 people. These 4 people will each get 8 teams in total since there are 32 NFL teams. (32/4=8) all four people will get randomized to see when they pick. 1st pick gets first pickings, BUT. Only gets 1 team, typically the best team (Cardinals, Redskins, Giants). And the 4th spot gets almost all of their teams In one sitting. Then it goes back down to the 1st pick until filled.

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